Long-established and competent system integrator of Turkey

Netaş embarked on its journey to build our national communication infrastructure with domestic means in 1967. And today, as one of regions competent technology, we continue to offer our services with our R&D department, our global service network, our wide partnerships, production capacity, and high-technology training center.

Since the global tech-giant ZTE which is well-known for its in contribution in 5G and patented technologies joining aboard as our main shareholder in 2018, we started to strengthen our area of activity even further.

Building up on our vision to establish the first domestic telecom R&D and develop the first software export, we continue to work on research and development projects related to advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, big data, cybersecurity, internet of things, VoIP, cloud informatics, multimedia, and GSM-R today. Moreover, we export our technology and experience to most of the regions ranging from the USA to the Middle Asia.

We continue to bring cutting-edge communication technologies to our country simultaneously with other countries. We build Turkey's peer-to-peer smart communication and technology infrastructure. We strive for our country to place among the top ranks of the digital league by playing roles in significant projects carried out in strategic verticals of our economy, such as finance, sports, entertainment, defense industry, telecom, energy, transportation, health, and education.

We have around 120 local and global business partners working in our digital transformation projects and they are making us stronger by collaborating with our R&D center.

Since 1967, we have been working to turn Turkey into the technological hub of the region by using our worldwide system integrator, domestic resources, long-established engineering competencies, and our experience in international markets. We are inspired by developing smart technologies for a more connected, mobile, efficient, and sustainable society based on our motto "The future is our core values and our technology."